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  • Automotive
    Because the number of AmCham member companies representing the automotive industry has grown significantly, the Chapter launched the Automotive Committee in 2011 to better serve the growing cluster’s needs and help identify and formulate solutions for shared industry challenges – such as customs, localization, suppliers, infrastructure and others. These suggestions are delivered to the relevant federal and regional authorities.
  • Customs & Transportation
    Formed in 2005, the Customs & Transportation Committee has proven that it is an effective tool in advocating AmCham members’ business interests. Committee members meet with the Federal Customs Service and Northwest Customs representatives, who brief them on customs regulations and answer AmCham members’ questions on matters affecting day-to-day business operations. A close working relationship with the St. Petersburg Committee for Transport & Transit Policy and the St. Petersburg Directorate of Traffic Organization facilitates cooperation on transport infrastructure development and resolving member companies' logistics issues. In 2011, the Committee played a significant role in preventing closures of Customs posts in the region.
  • Environment, Health & Safety

    Although created in 2008 as a working group on waste management, it was immediately clear that the working group should become a permanent subcommittee on environment, health and safety issues within the Manufacturing Committee. By the end of the year, the sub-committee had developed into a fully fledged committee that attracted member companies’ leading experts and top-level officials. It holds meetings on the hottest current topics, advocating a number of important EHS-related legislative challenges, e.g. on labor protection (with the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development) and waste disposal (with Rospotrebnadzor). The Committee has established a good working relationship with the relevant authorities, including the Office of the President’s Plenipotentiary, the Subregional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Rosprirodnadzor and the Committees for Labor and Employment both in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

  • Human Resources
    The HR Committee is one of the most active of the 12 committees of the St. Petersburg Chapter, and its monthly meetings continue to draw the largest number of participants. The Committee was the first to call attention to the shortage of blue-collar workers in the region, then having been actively participating in many initiatives aimed at resolving the issue in terms of personnel training and retraining, cooperation with educational institutions, labor migration and housing — in close cooperation with relevant federal and regional authorities: the Federal Migration Service, Federal Labor Inspectorate, employment committees, etc. The annual Labor Market seminar is a reputable forum that brings together AmCham member companies' executives, HR directors, recruitment, legal and consultancy professionals and public authorities to discuss the latest trends and developments in the labor market, as well as related legislation and implementation, and to brainstorm regarding solutions to market challenges.
  • Information Technologies & Telecommunications
    The IT Committee brings together AmCham member companies involved in the IT and telecommunications sector and holds monthly meetings covering a wide range of issues, including advanced approaches to IT management and development. As a result of the IT boom in St Petersburg, the Committee is focusing on the labor market and education of IT specialists. It seeks to improve cooperation between IT companies and local universities. One of the latest initiatives has turned into a large-scale IT Academy project that was developed and is being implemented by AmCham member companies. The Committee is also plays an active role in the establishment of an IT cluster in St Petersburg, submitting suggestions on the cluster’s development to city authorities on a regular basis. Committee members have conducted several legal reviews focused on improving the business climate in the industry and the innovation climate in Russia overall. In general, the Committee’s suggestions for getting Russia on a path of greater innovation and modernization, submitted to federal and local authorities, are being used as a basis for cooperation and advocacy at different government levels.
  • Investment & Legal
    The Investment & Legal Committee is dedicated to improving the business and investment climate in Northwest Russia. The committee maintains strong lines of communication with local officials so as to stay up to date on the very latest developments in local legislation and advance its members’ knowledge of the Russian Northwest. The committee maintains a working relationship with legislative and judicial bodies to follow latest legal developments and application practices. One of the committee's focal areas has been lowering bureaucratic burdens and administrative barriers in Northwest Russia, and it has been actively helping regional authorities to identify and resolve these issues.
  • Manufacturing
    The Manufacturing Committee was formed in June 2007 to represent the interests of AmCham member companies with manufacturing operations in Northwest Russia. Creation of the committee followed the boom of international manufacturers’ investments in the region owing to the development of regional government policy aimed at establishing a number of industrial clusters that would bring cutting-edge technologies. Initial topics identified by committee members for analysis include the processes involved in establishing and operating manufacturing facilities in Russia, issues of supply base development, issues of standards, norms and regulations for equipment, land conversion and issues related to construction, technical and sanitary inspections.
  • Procurement
    The Procurement committee was formed in October 2011 – its creation was initiated by the member companies which expressed their need to have a proper platform for discussion and information exchange. The Committee unites AmCham member companies’ Heads of Procurement Departments and leading procurement experts who will share their best practices in purchasing and procurement and deal with a wide range of the issues of common interest - such as and supplier selection process and tender procedures, vendors’ reliability, innovations in procurement and others.
  • Public Relations
    The PR Committee is committed to developing the image of Northwest Russia as a secure investment destination. The committee also seeks to maintain contact with the local press community to promote the work of the Chamber and provide consultancy and support for AmCham’s social events. On a monthly basis, the committee members meet with key players in St. Petersburg’s media market, discuss improving internal communication within companies and using PR in trade union relationships, as well as charity projects in Northwest Russia.
  • Taxation
    The Taxation Committee works closely with the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast authorities and monitors federal and regional tax legislation. The committee consults with local administration officials concerning changes to regional legislation and the creation of new tax incentives for existing and prospective investors. From the very moment of its creation, the Taxation Committee has participated in drafting St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast legislation and amendments on tax incentives for investors. On a regular basis, the committee monitors tax legislation and application practices and meets with regional authorities and Federal Taxation Service to discuss various issues of taxation and tax administration.
  • Tourism & Hospitality
    The Tourism & Hospitality Committee liaises with the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast authorities to develop the region’s tourist infrastructure and to promote the city and oblast as a tourist destination. Working in unison with the city’s top hotels, medical and insurance companies, travel agencies and airline representatives, the Tourism & Hospitality Committee not only forms ambitious initiatives, but also implements them. The committee also advocates the international tourism industry’s top priority issues, namely: visas, transportation, safety and security.
  • Safety & Security (ad hoc)
    The ad hoc Safety & Security Committee deals with a broad range of security-related issues facing member companies operating in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. AmCham works closely with GUVD and the city administration on these issues.
Recognizing that its members have always been the very heart of the organization, AmCham St. Petersburg’s top priority is to address their concerns. In order to tackle issues relevant to its members and provide a valuable platform for discussion, AmCham maintains twelve industry- and issues-based committees, which serve as forums for promoting members’ common interests and goals, discussing ideas, exchanging information and developing policy positions for the Chamber. The committees also coordinate briefings, seminars and roundtable discussions involving renowned industry experts and relevant government leaders.