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  • Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel & Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky Hotel

  • Luxoft

  • Treves - Ergon

  • Linxdatacenter

  • Anglo-American School of St Petersburg

  • Heineken Breweries

  • St Petersburg State University Alumni Association

  • Sea Fishing Port LLC

  • Quantenna Communications

  • Sperasoft Studios

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How do I apply for membership?

In order to join AmCham St. Petersburg, you should download the membership application form here, fill it out, and return it to AmCham by fax or e-mail. In addition to the application form, feel free to also submit any relevant information describing the operations of your company in Russia. If you have any questions regarding the membership, please contact AmCham St. Petersburg by e-mail or by telephone at +7 812 448 1646.

Do you have to be an American company to apply for membership?

Although AmCham St. Petersburg membership is mostly comprised of U.S. companies, we are also proud to have Russian and international companies as our members. In case a company wishing to join has less than 25% American equity, it needs to submit two letters of recommendation from current AmCham member companies in addition to the application form.

What membership categories does AmCham St. Petersburg have?

There are four membership categories in AmCham St. Petersburg. Regular Corporate members are companies with a legal presence in Russia, which (a) have a minimum 25% US ownership component, or (b) maintain their sole corporate headquarters in the US, or (c) have a substantial presence in the US in the form of assets, employees, or turnover. Affiliate Corporate memebrs are companies with a legal presence in Russia, which do not meet the requirements for Regular Corporate Membership. Non-Profit Corporate members are public associations whose non-profit status is recognized by the relevant legal authorities in their country of registration. Finally, the Associate Corporate Member status is available for companies without a legal presence in Russia.

How much are membership dues?

AmCham St. Petersburg's membership fees are $3,500 for Regular Corporate and Affiliate Corporate members, $2,200 for Associate Coprporate members, and $700 for Non-profit Corporate members for a calendar year (which means that a company joining in the middle of the year will be invoiced a prorated amount for the rest of the calendar year). In 2016 AmCham St Petersburg has set a fixed exchange rate of 55 RUR / USD for the membership fee ruble payments.

In addition to the membership fee, what other payments should I expect to make during the year?

Our member-companies are never charged a separate fee to participate in any of our seminars, conferences, business breakfasts, networking luncheons or other special meetings, as well as all the social events and celebrations. You are entitled to everything we have to offer at no extra cost just by virtue of paying your membership dues.

If my company has less than 25% American equity, what limitations does this put on my membership?

There are almost no restrictions on your membership and you will receive the same benefits as American companies. The only limitation is that non-American companies may not nominate representatives to the Executive Committee.

How long does the application process take?

Once all application materials are received, they are reviewed by the voting members of the Executive Committee which meets once a month. Once the application has been approved, the new member will receive a Welcome Package and an invoice for annual membership dues.

Once we’re members, how many employees can take part in Chamber activities?

Your company designates two representatives who will receive all Chamber information and be our contacts at your company. However, if other people in your company are interested in participating in our committees, they are welcome to do so.

If my company is already a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow or elsewhere, do I still have to pay membership dues? Or, once I become a member in St. Petersburg, does that mean I am automatically a member in Moscow as well?

Although the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia is one organization, its Moscow and St. Petersburg offices operate differently in some ways. The St. Petersburg Chapter of AmCham is financially independent, has a different constituency, a different pricing policy, and provides a different set of services for its members. In order to become a member in St. Petersburg and receive all the benefits of membership here, you must pay dues here. Likewise, unless your company has a separate membership in Moscow, you will not have access to committees and events in Moscow. However, you will have access to the support and resources of AmCham in Moscow through our office in St. Petersburg.

If my company is currently studying the Russian market, but does not yet have any operations on the ground, can we become a member?

Yes, if your company has a proven interest in Russia, you are welcome to join as an Associate Corporate Member. You will be kept abreast of all our activities electronically.