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St Petersburg Chapter Newsletter - Issue 4

St Petersburg Chapter Newsletter: Year Results

February 2014

New Members – welcome aboard!

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AmCham St Petersburg - 2014 Results & Achievements

Although 2014 was really challenging year due to the political instability, we can say that, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our members, we’ve contributed a lot to the business environment improvement in Russia and in St Petersburg and Leningrad region, in particular, and managed to achieve quite impressive results. We are happy to report that:

In 2014, the Chapter has maintained close working relationships with the St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast governments, Russian Ministries of Economic Development and of Industry & Trade, Federal Tax Services, as well as regional representatives of federal authorities: Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Rosprirodnadzor, Business Ombudsman for St Petersburg, Northwest Customs Administration,  Federal Migration Service, St Petersburg Office of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, and others. This helps us resolve members’ everyday issues as well as make system improvements to the current business environment in the region, eg to lower administration barriers.

AmCham St Petersburg is a member of a number of the regional governmental councils including: the St Petersburg Investment Council, Investment Council of Leningrad Oblast, Economic Council under the Governor of St Petersburg and the Industrial Council of St Petersburg, St Petersburg Investment Committee’s Council for reducing administrative barriers, NW Customs Administration Advisory Council and others, which allows us promptly inform regional authorities about the most pressing issues and challenges of our members.

2014 was a very productive year in terms of business activities, governmental relations, committee meetings and social activities – the Chapter held the total of 212 events and activities, including but not limited to:

The Annual Meeting in April and two General Membership Meetings in June and October featuring high-level speakers updating AmCham members on various aspects of the Russian and regional economic development.

Two Roundtable meetings with the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Industry and Trade on Automotive industry development in Russia – in March and September.

Committees meetings - the most active part of our operations - has continued to grow, having held 87 meetings on various issues and topics.

Twelve seminars and round tables on the topical issues – such as Automotive and IT sectors development; investment climate in St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast; sanctions’ impact on member companies operations, changes in labor migration regulations; energy tariffs; labor law; tax legislation and practices development; World Bank’s reports on Russian economy; changes to the Russian environmental legislation - have drawn a lot of attention and attracted speakers and participants from the relevant federal and regional authorities as well as member companies’ leading experts. As a result of these discussions feedback from AmCham members with concrete suggestions was delivered to the relevant authorities.

Four traditional social eventsAnnual mini-soccer tournamentU.S. Independence Day, Tennis tournament and Holiday party—gave fun and warmth to AmCham members and friends.

This year AmCham launched two new programs – Industrial St Petersburg’ Tour program to share manufacturing member companies’ experience in LEAN management, labor safety and other issues; and a ‘Hotel Tours’ program to familiarize AmCham members with possibilities and facilities which hotels have to offer to their existing and potential clients.

New marketing tool for member companies – ‘Member2Member’ newsletter – was launched at the end of last year and successfully developed throughout 2014.


AmCham Advocacy Pipeline 2014-2015





on Regional level

Amendments to the
St Petersburg law on
tax incentives (81-11)

AmCham’s suggestions on tax incentives for the hotels, IT and automotive industries were collected, consolidated and presented to the Governor of St Petersburg.

Completed. The law approved in December 2014, including amendments of the AmCham Taxation Committee

New Law on State Support for Industrial Parks in Leningrad Oblast

AmCham members made a significant contribution to a new law on State Support for Industrial Parks in Leningrad Oblast

Completed. Both the law and the subordinate legislation were passed in 2014.

Investment strategy
of St Petersburg and Strategy of socio-economic development of St Petersburg


AmCham’s members’ suggestions collected and submitted to the Government of St Petersburg.

Completed. Some of the AmCham’s suggestions were included into both documents - Strategy of socio-economic development (approved in May) and the Investment strategy (approved in November).

Traffic limitation for trucks in St Petersburg

AmCham continues its work on resolving the issue caused by the St Petersburg Government Decree N 272 on “Procedure for temporary restriction or termination of vehicle movement on the regional motor roads in St Petersburg”.

Completed. All traffic sings 3.4, negatively affecting member companies operations, have been identified and most of them removed.

AmCham initiated the procedure of evaluation of the regulatory impact of the Decree N 272 in order to completely resolve the issue - the electronic procedure and public hearing took place in November 2014.

In December 2014, there were changes to the Russian Traffic Regulations and, in accordance with the RF Government Decree N 1423 (of 19.12.2014), the traffic sign 3.4, which earlier prohibited the movement of freight vehicles with maximum weight over 8 tones, has changed its meaning and now allows movement of trucks (without a trailer) with a permissible maximum weight up to 26 tones.

Waste water plants norms

One of the issues raised by members was extremely high norms of hazardous elements established by the St Petersburg Committee for Energy and Engineering Infrastructure.


Completed. In addition to the lowering of norms for 3 elements in July, on December 30, 2014, the St Petersburg Committee for Energy and Engineering Support issued Order #242, reducing more norms and number of items on the list (applicable for companies producing less than 200 cubic meters waste water).

Customs issues

Roadmap on Customs Administration Improvement in St Petersburg was developed and delivered through the St Petersburg Council for reducing administrative barriers.

Following Customs & Transportation Committee meeting in February, AmCham asked its members to provide information on the financial consequences of tariffs growth at the container terminals of the St Petersburg Sea Port.

Completed. One of the suggestions - Pulkovo Customs experiment on switching to a 7-day operation mode – implemented.

Collected data and consolidated inquiry was sent to the Federal Antimonopoly Service Office in St Petersburg. Several hearings took place during summer - fall 2014. AmCham will continue monitoring the issue.



In 2013 new rules of gas connection were established by RF Government (Decree № 1314) with no underlaws with exact procedures developed.  In May 2014 PeterburgGaz stopped giving permissions to gas connection referring to the lack of regulation which was expected to be issued by the end of 2014.

Completed. AmCham addressed the issue to the Governors of St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast - as a result, PetersburgGaz renewed issuing permissions, until new procedure is in place.

IT Cluster development roadmap

A roadmap for IT industry in St Petersburg was developed and AmCham’s suggestions on support measures for the IT cluster were presented at the meeting of the Investment Council under the Governor of St Petersburg at the end of April. A number of meetings with relevant St Petersburg committees were held.

The roadmap was integrated into the regional and federal co-financing program, and IT Academy was included, as priority IT cluster project, into the program of newly-established St Petersburg Center for Cluster Development.

Work in progress - remaining steps to be implemented.

Automotive industry Roadmap for St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast

AmCham members’ suggestions on tax incentives and non-monetary measures of support for the automotive cluster in the region were delivered to the St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast authorities for further consideration.

A number of these suggestions were included into the Strategy of Industrial development of St Petersburg, e.g. creation of a Center for Cluster Development and expansion of the Special Economic Zones regime in St Petersburg. 

Work in progress - remaining steps to be implemented.

Krasny Bor Landfill closure

AmCham raised an issue of Krasny Bor landfill closure for waste recycling at a joint meeting of the St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast Investment Councils. Data on AmCham member companies’ hazard waste classes and its volumes collected.

A new license was issued on 9 December 2014; however, the application to include the Landfill into the State Register of Waste Disposal Sites is still under consideration of Rosprirodnadzor in Moscow.

Tourism Industry Development Roadmap

Developed in 2013 and submitted to Inna Shalyto, Chairman of the St Petersburg Tourism Committee in May 2014 (right after her appointment).

Several marketing suggestions from AmCham implemented by the Tourism Committee during 2014 (e.g. posters and billboards abroad, videos of St Petersburg, Barter City advertisement campaign). Work in progress.

Road infrastructure development in industrial zones in St Petersburg


Road / transport infrastructure development in industrial zones – suggestions from its residents were submitted to the relevant committees of the St Petersburg Government in 2013. In 2014, these suggestions were included into the Automotive industry development roadmap.

Work in progress

Energy tariffs growth


The issue of possible energy tariffs increase in St Petersburg was raised by Lenenergo - SPb Government requested feedback from AmCham.

A number of discussion meetings with Lenenergo took place - the most appropriate options are to be suggested to the Governor of St Petersburg.


on Federal level
(advocated through AmCham Russia HQ)

Roadmap on Automotive Industry Development in Russia

Following two roundtable meetings with representatives of the Russian Ministries of Economic Development and of Industry and Trade, a roadmap for the automotive industry development, with AmCham members’ suggestions on tax incentives and non-monetary measures of state support, was developed and delivered both Ministries.

AmCham continues working on implementation of these suggestions.


Draft law on Special Economic Zones

Consolidated list of AmCham’s suggestions and comments on the draft law was submitted to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development (MED) through Moscow HQ.

Some of the suggestions will be included into the amendments suggested by MED to the State Duma.

Waste water plants issue

Members' suggestions were collected and forwarded to the relevant governmental authorities.


In December 2013 the RF Government order, prolonging the terms for waste water plants construction until July 2015, was approved.

Since there are still many contradictions in Russian legislation regarding terms and norms used for WWP construction, the issue was addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. In 2015, AmCham will continue its work on that.

Waste utilization problems

As a result of RF Government order N 712 of 16.08.13 on “Waste pasportisation”, member companies still have a lot of questions and concerns. The issue was addressed to the Federal Rosprirodnadzor.

Response from Rosprirodnadzor in Moscow received.



AmCham asked its members to inform the Chapter about problems they face interacting with Rosreestr.


A letter, summing up collected data, was sent to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development - waiting for response.

The issue was also raised at the SPb Council for reducing administrative barriers meeting in May 2014, and will be repeatedly addressed to the St Petersburg Governor at the Investment Council or other meetings.

72 hours visa

Comments to the draft law on 72 hours Russian visa were collected and sent to the relevant authorities in Moscow.


More detailed information and reports on all AmCham St Petersburg activities can be found on our website:

Please visit our website for the full list of AmCham St Petersburg 2014 events and photo reports:
AmCham Events.

We sincerely thank everyone for their valuable contribution to these advocacy successes
and hope you have enjoyed the passing year and your membership with AmCham St. Petersburg.
We assure you that we shall do our best to meet your expectations in 2015!