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  • Anglo-American School of St Petersburg

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St Petersburg Chapter Newsletter - Issue 2


St Petersburg Chapter Newsletter

October  2013

Issue 2

AmCham St Petersburg is pleased to present the second issue of its newsletter

New Members – welcome aboard!


Intermedia LLC

Reforma SK

United Elements Group






AmCham Member Assistance

If you need our support, please contact Maria Chernobrovkina, AmCham St Petersburg Executive Director: 







You can always reach us by

AmCham – Government Dialog: Latest News

In addition to the membership at the St Petersburg Investment Council and Investment Council of Leningrad Oblast, AmCham St Petersburg has become a member of the:

The St Petersburg authorities are also developing a number of strategies: the Investment Council is working on the Investment strategy for St Petersburg; the Economic Council – on the socio-economic strategy; and the Industrial Council – on the strategy of the city’s industrial development. Being a member of these Councils, AmCham takes active part in this process - if you have any ideas, suggestion or concerns, please send them to us at

High-level meetings and events – June-October 2013:

  • A Roundtable meeting with Anatoly I. Kotov, Chairman of the St Petersburg Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning.
  • AmCham St Petersburg General membership meeting which featured as a keynote speaker Alexander Abrosimov, Business Ombudsman for St Petersburg.
  • AmCham’s Executive Director participated in a roundtable meeting of the representatives of the local business community with the Governor of St Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko.
  • AmCham members took part in the Roundtable on ‘Monitoring of the Implementation of the National Business Initiative's Road Maps in North West Region’ organized by the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, to discuss ‘Customs Administration Improvement’ and 'Improvement of Business Climate in Construction Industry’ road maps. We would like to thank Olga Anikina, Baker & McKenzie, and Olga Gudkova, Procter & Gamble, for their contribution on these Road maps.
  • The 8th AmCham mini-soccer tournament united 44 member companies’ teams who competed for the AmCham Cup - 2013. The winners are: Ilim Group (1st place), JTI Petro (2nd place) and Knauf Gips Kolpino (3rd place).
  • About 500 guests – top executives of the AmCham St Petersburg’s member companies with their families, representatives of regional authorities and diplomatic corps – took part in the AmCham U.S. Independence Day celebration and enjoyed delicious food, workshops and funny games for kids, lively music, zumba dance master class and traditional AmCham raffle.  
  • 32 players - AmCham member companies’ amateurs – took part in the 2nd AmCham Tennis Tournament. This year, all the participants were divided into two Leagues. 
  • Panel discussion on 'IT-industry – the locomotive of development for non-resource economy', organized jointly by AmCham St Petersburg and NP Russoft, took place within the framework of the VI St Petersburg International Innovation Forum. The discussion featured as keynote speakers Artyom Shadrin, Ministry for Economic Development of Russia; Evgeny Kovnir, Ministry of Communications of  Russia; Anatoly Kotov, Chairman of the St Petersburg Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning; Inna Shalyto, Deputy Chairman of the St Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation; and Vladimir Vasiliev, Rector, ITMO.
  • AmCham St Petersburg General Membership meeting with  Igor F. Golikov, Vice-Governor of St Petersburg. Irina Babyuk, Chairman of the Committee for Investment, and Maxim Meyksin, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation, also attended this meeting addressing the AmCham members and answering their questions. 
  • Also, 32 other events - Committees’ meetings and seminars - took place during this period.

Total list of events in June – October 2013 can be found here: AmCham Events.

Please send us your wishes for speakers that you want to meet - at

AmCham Advocacy Pipeline




IT Cluster Development


Following the meeting with Inna Shalyto, Deputy Chair of the St Petersburg Committee of Industrial Policy and Innovation, a draft regional program of the IT cluster development was discussed and developed by the AmCham’s IT Committee, so that the city authorities can formally recognize IT cluster as a priority one for St Petersburg.

The draft program submitted to the SPb Committee of Industrial Policy and Innovation.


Work in progress.

Draft Law on State Support for Industrial Parks in Leningrad Oblast

AmCham members made a significant contribution to the draft law which is currently being developed by the Leningrad Oblast Government. We’d like to thank Olga Anikina and Andrey Serov (Baker & McKenzie), Alisa Melkonian and Alexey Lazutin (KPMG), Elena Lyaskovskaya (PwC) and Vladislav Myagkov (Ernst & Young) for their contribution.

To be approved by the Leningrad Oblast Legislative Assembly in November.


Traffic limitation for trucks in St Petersburg

AmCham asked its members to comment on the impact, which the St Petersburg Government Decree N 272 on “Procedure for temporary restriction or termination of vehicle movement  on the regional motor roads in St Petersburg” may have on their operation – this Decree prohibits from 01.06.2013 to 01.06.2018 the movement of freight vehicles over 8 tones on the roads within the significant part of the city.


A number of AmCham companies, impacted by the Decree, have been identified. AmCham met with the city and traffic police authorities to voice companies concerns and comments The action of the Decree will be stopped. The new decree will be developed with consideration of the industrial enterprises’ location. AmCham is included in the working group within the city government.

Customs issues

AmCham and the Guild of Professional FEA Participants prepared a joint letter on the issues of the customs value determination by the customs authorities in St Petersburg, which has been submitted to Alexander Abrosimov, Business Ombudsmen for St Petersburg.

Work in progress


Draft Federal Law
on Special Attestation
of Labor Conditions

As part of the previous issue, AmCham EHS Committee members contributed to the newly developed Law on Special Attestation of Labor Conditions at several stages of the law development.

Draft Law is currently under consideration by the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


Road infrastructure development

Road infrastructure development in one of the industrial zones – suggestions from its residents were submitted to the relevant committees of the St Petersburg Government.

Work in progress




Engineering issues

Company-specific issues which AmCham members face when interacting with Lenenergo, PeterburgGas, Vodokanal and other monopolists.

2 issues resolved.

2 issues are in process.

1 - failed.

Tourism sector development
in St Petersburg

Following the meeting with Alexander Shapkin, Chair of the St Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, AmCham members took an active part in the development of a  Road map for this sector.

Information delivered to the authorities.
Work in progress


A list of questions from the hotels regarding guests registration-related issues was sent to  the Federal Migration Services Dept. (UFMS) for clarification.

Nila Yanushkevich, Head of Foreign Citizens Department of UFMS, met with AmCham members, answered their questions and gave necessary clarification on problem issues.

Indirect costs
of employees

Noting the tendency of steady growing indirect costs of employees, AmCham asked the member companies to provide data on the amount and items of such expenditure.

Information is being delivered to all authorities and voiced at different events and through mass media.

Demand in labor force
in St Petersburg and Leningrad oblast - Regional Career Guidance program

The data on AmCham member companies needs in labor force were collected and forwarded to the local St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast authorities. AmCham also continues working jointly with the St Petersburg Committee for Education on the city’s Program on professional guidance of school children.

Work in progress


Industrial waste management

Information collected and a list of issues and challenges, which St Petersburg member companies face in regards to the industrial and construction waste management, compiled and delivered to the St. Petersburg Committee for City Improvement.

Work in progress

Waste water plants issue


An appeal to the Ministry regarding the possibility of reduction of norms for the harmful substances concentration in sewage water for enterprises with average daily volume of wastewater up to 200 cubic meters per day, as well as with more than 200 cubic meters, is being prepared for further delivery.


AmCham Success Stories

Investment Strategy for Leningrad Oblast has been approved by the Oblast Investment Council on October 3, 2013, taking into account AmCham members’ suggestions and contribution.

Clarification on Draft Law No. 584587-5: AmCham has received clarification from the RF Ministry of Natural Resources in response to our inquiry concerning the issues related to the proposed Federal Law № 584587-5 on the “Introduction of amendments to Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to improve the system of regulation in the field of environmental protection and the introduction of economic incentives for businesses entities to implement the best technology” (clarification is available upon request from AmCham office).

Introduction of new guests registration procedure and registration software in the hotels: AmCham submitted a request to UFSM to postpone the implementation of the procedure and installation of this software, and the deadline was extended.

Draft Law on Special Assessment of Labor Conditions: consolidated feedback from the St Petersburg member companies was passed on to the Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and a number of suggestions were accepted.  

Compensation on harmful conditions of work: a letter with collected comments and suggestions from the St Petersburg member companies was sent to the Russian Ministry of Labor via AmCham’s Moscow HQ. Clarification from the Ministry received and distributed among AmCham members (available upon request from AmCham office).

Custom clearance procedure delays for a group of companies was resolved.

Engineering infrastructure problems with monopolists were resolved for several companies.

We sincerely thank everyone for their valuable contribution to these advocacy successes!