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AmCham SPb Events
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  • Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel & Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky Hotel

  • Luxoft

  • Treves - Ergon

  • Linxdatacenter

  • Anglo-American School of St Petersburg

  • Heineken Breweries

  • St Petersburg State University Alumni Association

  • Sea Fishing Port LLC

  • Quantenna Communications

  • Sperasoft Studios

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Member Services


We work to facilitate your business and to reduce the bureaucratic burden on your operations by presenting your issues to government and business decision-makers.

  • Advocating members' interests to the government at all levels
  • Representing your views to the U.S. Government through close working relationship with the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg
  • Documenting the issues of critical importance to our member-companies and sending these concerns to appropriate government officials
  • Ongoing dialogue with authorities at all levels
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AmCham meeting with St. Petersburg V. Matvienko (left)
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Investment & Legal Committee meeting with St. Petersburg Vice Governor V. Molchanov (left)
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AmCham meeting with Lenenergo directors
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Tax Committee meeting with L. Polezharova of FTS (right)
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"WANTED: Blue Collar" roundtable with St. Petersburg Vice Governor M. Oseyevsky (3rd right) and Leningrad Oblast Vice Governor G. Dvas (2nd right)
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AmCham Annual Meeting '05 with L. Lozbenko, deputy head, Federal Customs Service, as keynote speaker
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Breakfast briefing with C. Gutierrez, U.S. Trade Secretary
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Breakfast briefing with K. Polyakov, chair, Leningrad Oblast Legislative Assembly
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Customs & Transportation Committee meeting with Northwest Customs heads

Business Information

  • Ten sector-based Committees meeting on a monthly basis
  • Seminars and conferences on the most important developments in the business-related legislation featuring high-profile speakers and useful handout brochures
  • Issue Papers prepared by the Chapter
  • Providing timely and accurate updates on the Russian market business trends and development policies

Contacts & Networking

  • Breakfast and luncheon meetings with prominent representatives of local and international political and business communities
  • Government and business contact information for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast
  • Bi-monthly General Membership Meetings featuring prominent guest speakers and networking opportunities
  • Social events for the membership, including Annual Meeting, Awards Ceremony, and Gala Dinner, American Independence Day
    Celebration, December Holiday Party, etc.

E-mail notifications and information updates

No matter how big and diversified a member company is, all your employees can always stay informed of the most recent developments and AmCham activities in fields of their choice. Our extensive distribution lists ensure member companies’ right to stay updated and receive timely notifications via e-mail. Organized on the committee-based principle with certain extra categories, they serve every possible need for information.

To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your subscriptions, please contact us.

Please note that this service is available for AmCham St. Petersburg member companies’ employees only. Third parties’ requests shall be ignored.

Member 2 Member Discount Program

AmCham St. Pete is pleased to announce an exciting Member 2 Member Discount Program targeted at encouraging our Members to use/enjoy high quality goods and services that your fellow Members provide more extensively.

The Member 2 Member Discount Program is a reputable well-recognized marketing vehicle that AmCham also offers in a number of other countries. Not only does it allow Members participating in this Program to raise the awareness, profile and revenues of their companies, but it also gives the representatives of every AmCham Member Company the benefit of having access to the many discounts that are on offer.

The members willing to put their ads on discounts or any other special benefits they would offer are kindly requested to indicate.

  • company's name (logo),
  • service/product available,
  • discount rate,
  • contact person details,
  • any disclaimers/reservations re your discounts

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss how your organization can become involved in this exclusive program to assist in promoting your organization's activities in the North-West Region.

We look forward to your offers!

Search for Suppliers (S4S) and Search for Researchers (S4R)

Joint program of CEDIPT and AmCham on the Search for Suppliers (S4S) and Search for Researchers (S4R) for foreign industrial companies to provide applying companies of foreign manufacturers with Russian suppliers and raise competitive edge of Russian suppliers by bringing the standards of their products in accordance with the foreign manufacturers' requirements.

U.S. Visa Program

Apart from the day-to-day support in regards to all the Chapter's events and activities, our staff will also assist you in issues related to U.S. business (type B) visas for our member-companies' employees. Please contact Anna Pivkorets or Yulia Erokhova for details.

 Visa Program for Members of the St. Petersburg

American Chamber of Commerce

How to Qualify: The member Company must provide the Chamber with a letter containing exemplar signatures of no more than three local Company officials who are authorized to sign on behalf of the Company. The letter must be on a Company letterhead. In order to continue to qualify for the program, Companies must update their exemplar letters every January. 

Who May Participate: Company employees traveling on company business to the United States and their immediate family members (spouses and children).

How to Apply:  

1.     Complete an online visa application form (DS-160) at Please take a hard copy picture with you.

2.     Print a confirmation page that includes some biographical information and a bar code with a confirmation number.

3.     Pay the U.S. Embassy fee: To get your B1/B2 3-year visa (since September 9, 2012, you will need to print out a receipt for $160. Please allow 1 to 2 working days for the payment to process. The U.S. Consulate reserves the right to reduce the visa term at their discretion.

4.     In case you need an interview (never had a USA visa before or it was issued more than 47 months ago), complete this form and mail it to together with a copy of the receipt showing payment of the visa fee (scan) and a letter from the employer (same for immediate family members - the original you have to take to the interview or attach to the application package if you don't need an interview). If you don't need an interview, please proceed here: (click 'schedule appontment' and follow the questions). If you need an interview, you should bring your current international and RF passport, confirmation page and the original of the letter from the employer and payment confirmation).

5.     With special interview slots allocated, AmCham will set a date and time of your interview with a Consulate official and send you the details of it as soon as the interview has been fixed.

NB: If you wish to schedule your interview via AmCham, please do not register in the system independently, as we will not be able to reschedule your interview for earlier.

To be able to enjoy the U.S. Visa program benefits, applications must meet the following criteria:

• Applicants must be full-time employees of St. Petersburg AmCham member companies.  [If a spouse and children of employees of member companies are traveling WITH the employee, they are also eligible for AmCham submission].
• Applicants may be traveling to the United States for short-term business or tourism (for family members) only.

Please do not submit cases for the following employees:

• Employees seeking to travel to the United States for purposes other than short-term business.
• Employees who are part-time, on internships or temporary employees.
• Contacts or employees of partner or affiliated companies. 
• Contractors of AmCham member companies.
• Employees with U.S. visa refusals within the past two years.
• Any individual who has lost a passport containing a valid U.S. visa.

Please be aware that AmCham special processing does not guarantee issuance of a visa.

Due to Homeland Security regulations, visa applicants working in scientific and technical fields must allow three weeks for their applications to be processed.